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5 Strong Reasons to Outsource Dental Insurance Verification

September 28, 2023

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Thanks to mass outsourcing of jobs overseas, you may have a negative view of outsourcing period. You may view it as taking away from someone else’s work and earning potential, but it’s not always like that. Sometimes, outsourcing can have an overwhelmingly positive outcome! Namely, outsourcing dental insurance verification can help your dental practice run more smoothly. What are some reasons to make this change? Read on to find out!


Insurance Verification 101: What, Why, and How

September 18, 2023

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During dental school, you learned many clinical skills that serve you well on a day-to-day basis, but running a practice requires just as much business savvy. You don’t have to be an insurance expert, but understanding some of the financial basics like insurance verification can help you comprehend your practice’s needs and help everything work more smoothly.

What exactly is insurance verification? Why is it important, and how should it get accomplished? Read on to find out!


Medical vs. Dental Insurance Billing: Similarities and Differences

September 5, 2023

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To the untrained eye, medical and dental insurance billing can seem exactly the same. Some people may question why they are separate at all. As a dentist, you may not be an expert in dental insurance in your practice, but you know you need to work with one who understands this often-confusing field.

When you know what makes dental insurance unique, you’ll learn how getting support for dental insurance verification can help your practice succeed!


5 Time-Consuming Tasks That Must Be Done to Get Paid on Time

August 25, 2023

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As the owner and operator of a small business, you have your hands full every day. You not only see dental patients, but you also oversee the finances. You can’t do everything alone, which is why you’ve hired front desk personnel to help you with daily payments.

What many dental practice owners don’t see or realize is that getting paid isn’t always a simple, quick transaction. It can consist of many little time-consuming tasks, especially if you work with dental insurance. What are the main tasks necessary to get the money you’re owed? Read on to find out!


The 2 Relationships That Matter Most for Your Practice’s Success

August 16, 2023

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In life, there are plenty of rewarding relationships that deserve your time and attention. If you’re a dentist, however, in addition to family and friends, two relationships you shouldn’t neglect are with your patients and your support staff—if you want to be successful.

Why are these relationships so important, and how could your choice of an administrative service company affect them? Keep reading to find out!


Experience Speaks for Itself: Why You Need a Seasoned Call-Answering Team

August 3, 2023

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As a dentist, you know education plays a vital role in your success. After all, you attend continuing education coursework every year to keep your skills and knowledge updated. But you also understand the high value of wisdom gained in on-the-job clinical experience.

When looking for an administrative professional or a support company for call-answering services, years of experience count for even more. Why would you rather work with someone who has years in the field over someone straight out of school? Here are just a few reasons to consider.


3 Problems, 1 Solution for Dental Insurance Billing

July 26, 2023

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Would life be simpler if your dental practice didn’t accept insurance? Probably, but insurance is a monster that’s difficult to ignore. However, according to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, about 70 percent of people under the age of 65 have dental insurance benefits, which means that accepting insurance opens the door to many more potential patients.

However, working with insurance billing comes with many challenges. Learn more about these challenges and how you can address them by continuing to read the content below.


Is Outsourcing Insurance Billing Right for Your Practice?

July 14, 2023

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Perhaps you’ve never really given the idea serious thought. Outsourcing insurance verification and billing is a decision that every dental practice should consider at some point. But how can you tell if it would be a smart choice for your office? Here are some signs that this move would benefit your practice.


3 Simple Tips to Make Dental Insurance Verification Easier for Your Practice

July 3, 2023

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Finding a dental practice that accepts dental insurance is an attractive convenience for many patients. Being able to use their insurance simplifies their life and keeps their out-of-pocket costs down, but it can complicate your end significantly. Insurance verification is a necessary step if you want to get paid on time without frustrating your patients. But how can you make this step easier for you and your team? Check out these three tips!


Top 3 Issues with Accounts Receivable Recovery

June 29, 2023

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When you decided to become a dentist when you “grow up,” you went to dental school to learn the techniques and technical skills you’d use on the job. You also take a certain number of continuing coursework to take your knowledge to the next level. Unfortunately, you could be the most clinically experienced, savvy, and friendly dentist and still have a struggling practice.

That’s because running a practice isn’t just about your technical prowess or your people skills—it also requires business acumen. If you aren’t familiar with it, accounts receivable recovery can be a confusing area of owning and operating a small business. Watch out for these three common problems that many dental practices face, but know that Dental Support Specialties can help you bring in revenue.

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