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Dental Support Specialties Blog

How a Dental Answering Service Can Save You Money

March 17, 2020

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money dental tools dental answering service

As a small business owner, you know that every dollar counts. In order to flourish, you need to bring in more than you spend, which is why you take every decision about your dental practice seriously. When you think about hiring a company for any kind of service, you naturally wonder how much it will cost you. However, while considering Dental Support Specialties to serve as your dental answering service, your first question should actually be: how much could these services save my business? Below you’ll find # ways that we can help your practice’s bottom line for a great return on investment.


The Power of the Follow-Up in Your Dental Scheduling

March 3, 2020

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man smiling talking on phone, dental scheduling

During a consultation recently, your patient expresses interest in a complex smile makeover in the near future, and you put together a solid treatment plan. However, they say that they would like to consult their calendar before scheduling the work. Weeks, then months, pass by, and the treatment still has not been completed. Instead of passively waiting for your patient to call you, you can be proactive and follow up with them. But, let’s face it, it’s likely not practical for your limited team to reach out to every single patient. That’s where Dental Support Specialties can step in and lend a hand with dental scheduling.


The Cost of Dental Insurance Verification

February 28, 2020

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At the end of a long day, you finish working with your last patient of the day. As you pass by the front desk, you notice that your team is still busily working on processing dental insurance claims and following up with companies on the phone long after the patient leaves. And you also see that they look burned out, stretched and taxed beyond their limits. You wonder—is there a better way to deal with dental insurance verification? In this blog post, you’ll learn why insurance verification is important to your practice and understand your options moving forward.


3 Signs That You Need Help with Dental Billing

February 16, 2020

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piggy bank teeth dental billing

Every day, your practice’s schedule is filled with patients, and you have even recently brought in a couple of larger cases. Basically, you have every reason to think that your practice is thriving, but the numbers somehow don’t match up in your practice’s revenue. When you take a look at your accounts receivables, you notice that you have bills that have gone unpaid for a while—and the pile is growing! Here are three signs that now is the time to get a handle on your dental billing so that you can get paid on time and enjoy your practice’s success.


We Work with Your Management Software! 3 Reasons to Choose Us

February 4, 2020

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woman smiling dental answering service

Between answering phone calls, filing dental insurance claims, and helping patients in the office, you and your staff are overwhelmed. You know you need extra help to manage the workload, but the idea of having to bring in someone else seem to only add even more tasks to your to-do list and increase your stress. That’s where Dental Support Specialties makes all the difference. We make it easy to delegate administrative tasks without the headaches that usually go along with it. In this post, you’ll learn all about the benefits of hiring us to be your dental answering service and working with people who already know your management software.


Help for Your Dental Practice Made Easy

January 31, 2020

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dentist and receptionist dental answering service

At your dental practice, you and your team have struggled to find your groove. Although you take good care of patients once they’re in the treatment chair, the logistical parts of their visits can be a bit rocky. Staff members are still learning or even forming established protocols and systems, meaning that your practice isn’t running as smoothly as you’d like. The last thing your practice needs is yet more steps to add to their workload.

The good news is that working with Dental Support Specialties can take care of these issues without giving your team more stress. Using us for many of your practice’s administrative tasks, such as dental answering service, you can create a better environment for your patients to care for their smile. In this blog post, you’ll learn about the ways we are able to seamlessly blend into your practice and get it on track for more success.


3 Types of Dental Practices That We Support

January 18, 2020

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busy receptionist dental practice

You’ve just finished an appointment with a patient, and you walk by your front desk team. They seem frazzled and stretched thin, trying to manage incoming calls, insurance paperwork, and in-office patient needs. This has been happening more and more lately, and you worry that both customer service and team morale are suffering. Well, Dental Support Specialties can lend a helping hand.

We can quickly learn your practice’s protocols and systems so that no task or patient falls through the cracks. We provide remote support services for general dental, periodontics, and oral surgery practices. Our team members have years of experience working in these types of practices and are familiar with their unique administrative needs, like dental answering service.


Start 2020 Off Right and Get Dental Insurance Support

January 5, 2020

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woman smiling confetti

Happy New Year! It’s now 2020, which means that it’s the start of a new decade as well as a new year. You want this next decade to be successful for your practice—maybe you even have set a concrete goal for your practice’s growth that you’d like to see in the coming years. One way you can make sure that your business stays on track is making sure that your patients’ dental insurance bills are being paid. If you’re beginning the new decades with a large and growing aging report, you’re not starting on the right foot. Read on to learn the value of dental insurance support.


4 Reasons We Are the Perfect Employee

December 31, 2019

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woman smiling phone

“It’s hard to find good help these days.” There’s a reason why this is a famous saying—it is often true! Finding people for your front-desk dental team who are hardworking, honest, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and available can feel like an overwhelming task. But you need this type of person to represent your practice when people call. Where can you find the perfect employee for this responsibility? Well, you can rely on Dental Support Specialties to serve as your dental answering service.


Why Dental Insurance Verification Is So Important for Your Practice

December 19, 2019

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dental insurance form

Imagine you’re a patient who needs to have a dental crown placed. Your dentist has laid out the treatment plan, and you’re confident moving forward with treatment. But a few weeks afterward, you receive a bill you weren’t expecting in the mail. The practice’s team already collected your out-of-pocket payment, but now you owe more than you anticipated. How do you feel? Do you want to go back to that practice in the future?

Unfortunately, this common scenario occurs when team members don’t take the necessary steps to properly verify insurance. But this process is time consuming and tedious, making it a difficult task for support staff to accomplish quickly. Well, Dental Support Specialties has the solution—give dental insurance verification to us!

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