Special Projects for Dentists

Have a Unique Need? We Can Help!

In addition to our various administration services, we’re also ready to help you in a multitude of ways that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re in the midst of a large recovery project or need help getting credentialed with insurance providers, the team of specialists at DSS is ready and able to handle any large task and take it off of your team’s plate. To learn more about our special projects for dentists, read on below.

Large Recovery Projects

Dentist talking to dental patient

Have you recently lost a sizeable amount of your team and are desperately understaffed? Has your practice been hampered or even damaged because of a natural disaster? Need a little help while you get back on your feet? DSS is ready to fill in the gap while you put the pieces back together. We’ll answer your phones, keep patients informed, and reschedule appointments until you’re ready to resume normal operations. We’ll make sure you have all the time you need while reducing any unnecessary stress.

Reactivation Projects

D N A strands

You have hundreds of patients on the books, but your schedule is empty and your revenue is slowly dwindling—what’s happening? For many practices, this issue stems from the fact that many of their patients aren’t actually active and/or have a lot of undone care. We can help turn this around by following up with your current patient base to ensure they’re getting their routine checkups and finishing any ongoing dental work.

Entering Fee Schedules

Dental insurance forms on tablet computer

Are your fee schedules up to date for all of the insurance companies you work with? Having accurate fee schedules reduces the need for insurance adjustments, inaccurate estimates provided to you by your patients and inaccurate AR Reports. Let DSS take the burden off of your shoulders. We’re staffed by multiple insurance experts who can enter new fee schedules and update them as needed so your team can concentrate on what matters most: serving patients.

Credentialing with Insurance Companies

Dental insurance information forms

Whether you’re starting a new practice or have been running your own for years, making sure you’re credentialed with the right insurance companies is essential to your long-term success. Of course, as you probably know, the process of getting and staying credentialed can be very involved and time-consuming, not to mention quite frustrating. The specialists at DSS can handle this all for you without your team having to lift a finger, working with your preferred providers to make sure your practice is ready and able to accept their plans.

Chart Auditing

Dentist and team member reviewing patient charts

Having accurate patient charts can literally mean the difference between thousands of dollars flowing into your practice or having it simply be stuck somewhere on your software. It’s easy for many busy teams to get behind on their charts with the day-to-day needs of a dental office, but keeping them up to date is essential to maintaining your practice’s financial health. Our team of experts can go through your charts and quickly increase production by calling on any past due re-care and unscheduled treatments, validating your short call or quick fill list, figuring out how many of your patients are actually active, and much more!

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