Custom Support for Dentists

Dental Practice Support Services Customized To Your Needs

Every practice is different in too many ways to list. There is no cookie-cutter approach to caring for your dental practice, your patients, or your administrative support needs.

Dental Support Specialties provides custom support for dentists with services that are specifically designed with your protocols and systems in mind. This is about YOU and your needs.

DSS is a powerful tool that you can utilize when you want, doing just what you need, to boost your dental practice production, collection, and patient connections.

What Can I Use Dental Support Specialties For?

Man considering working with Dental Support Specialties

In short, you can use us to make your practice better and take your career to the next level, whether that means growing your current practice, getting a new one off the ground, or saving the one you’re currently at. We can provide phone support, easy scheduling, handle insurance and billing, and pretty much take care of anything that is typically done by a receptionist, insurance coordinator, hygiene coordinator, or treatment coordinator. Basically, our goal is to help you be able to concentrate on what got you into dentistry in the first place: serving patients.

How Will You Know Our Protocols?

Dental team member discussing protocols

We have a highly-detailed onboarding process that will help us thoroughly understand what makes your practice tick. Our goal is to become a seamless extension of your team and work with the protocols you are already using on a daily basis. We’ll represent ourselves as members of your team, and it will feel like we’re exactly that to both you and your patients. We’ll never ask you to implement a new system that requires your team to take time to train.

Will You Communicate with My Practice?

Dental patients smiling in dental office

Constantly! Our team is only a phone call or email away at all times, and we also have a very secure and convenient web portal. If you or a member of your staff ever need to get a hold of us, reach out, and we’ll be there. If you have a question about any of the services we are providing you, or if you need to know something about a specific patient’s information, we’re always available. We’ll consistently provide the answers you need right when you need them.

Can You Use My Practice Management Software?

Team member using practice management software

Yes, our team of specialists is able to work with all dental software programs being used today. Our goal is to become an extension of your infrastructure, not change it altogether. We’re familiar with every brand of software you can imagine, meaning you and your staff won’t have to change a thing about your daily operations. We’ll never bog you down by trying to implement new software, saving you valuable training time.

Special Projects

Dentist holding custom dentures

Starting a new practice and need to be credentialed with insurance companies? Need help recovering a large amount of lost information or entering a new fee schedule? We can help you take care of these tasks and much more. If you need any kind of assistance with something other than patient care, our team is ready to provide it. Just ask, and we’ll get right to work turning a big task into another job well done.

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