About Our Dental Support Practice

Providing Peace of Mind
for You & Your Team

When you step into your dental office each day, the only thing that should be on your mind is providing your patients with the highest quality care and best experience possible, but of course, that often isn’t the case in today’s world. Running a dental practice involves much more than dentistry itself, but Dental Support Specialties is here to change that. Our mission is to empower you and your team members so that you’re able to focus on why you got into the profession in the first place: to help people.

Our History

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The story of Dental Support Specialties begins in August of 2006 when company founder Mary Beth gave birth prematurely to a baby girl after only 25 weeks gestation. As her daughter Alison reached her age one milestone, it became apparent that she would need extra care in the form of occupational, physical, and speech therapy to help compensate for the prematurity.

So in the Fall of 2007, Mary Beth left a successful career serving as an office manager at a local dental practice in order to help Alison progress.

Mary Beth founded Dental Support Specialties the following year (2008) when she had an incredible idea - leverage her knowledge of dental administration to help support dental practices remotely.

It didn’t take long before several dentists recognized the power of what Mary Beth was offering and the idea caught a spark. Within 6 months of starting her service, she had more interest than she could support alone, and a business was born.

Today, Dental Support Specialties provides administrative support to practices across the United States and Canada. We have worked painstakingly hard over the past eight years to create a unique team of dental administrators that not only possess the necessary skills and knowledge needed to support your practice but also share Mary Beth’s core values of customer service: Productivity, Accountability, & Integrity.

It is our passion to create relationships and make a real difference in the practices that we partner with. Our business only succeeds if yours does, too!

About Our Founders

Dental Support Specialties meeting

Many dental practices rely on remote support these days, and while it was novel at first, it’s now a respected part of the dental field. Mary Beth and Joe Bajornas are a big part of why that’s the case. They started Dental Support Specialties 14 years ago, the first company of its kind, and their dedication to constantly learning, adapting, and using the latest technology is why DSS is still the leader and trendsetter in the field.

In The Media

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We provide a different type of support service here at Dental Support Specialties, and people in the industry are taking notice. Mary Beth has been in the media more than she would have imagined back in 2008 when she first started assisting dental practices from her small home office. It’s rewarding to talk about the work we do at Dental Support Specialties—please take some time to check out where we’ve been in the media!

Through the Years