Dental Billing

Get the Money You’re Owed Right Away

You’re busy, you’re helping a lot of patients, but that just isn’t reflected by your bottom line. You understand dentistry, but collecting on outstanding accounts is unfamiliar to many dentists, and some don’t really like it at all. No dental practice can survive without a steady flow of revenue, and keeping up with it can certainly be a task for your team. At Dental Support Specialties, our experts can handle the dental billing and Accounts Receivable Recovery part of your practice to ensure you get the money you’ve earned as quickly as possible while maintaining strong relationships.

Common Accounts Receivable Problems

Dental team member and patient reviewing dentistry bill

We Handle With Care

  • Production Revenue is Falling Through the Cracks
  • Your Team is Uncomfortable with Collections
  • Your Team Lacks the Experience Necessary to Navigate Problems

Production Revenue is Falling Through the Cracks

Dental patient at dental office reception desk

A lot can happen between the time you complete a service and the time a patient/insurance provider actually pays for it. For many practices, it’s easy for a sizeable portion of their production revenue to simply become stuck, because making sure that bills are promptly paid takes time and a delicate touch. Our team can look at your current production, keep a close eye on your AR, and make sure the accounts are consistently paid in a timely manner.

Your Team is Uncomfortable with Collections

Team members discussing collections tasks

Is your front desk administrator uncomfortable asking your patients for payment at the time of service or calling on patients with a balance due? If so, let Dental Support Specialties support your need.

We will work together with you to develop a system to consistently bill and follow up on patient balances and keep your cash flow moving. We respect the importance of your relationships with your patients and do not use strong-arm or abrasive techniques. We simply believe in consistent and transparent communication. We can work with you and your staff to develop the right verbiage and process for your practice.

Your Team Lacks the Experience Necessary to Navigate Problems

Team member reviewing collections paperwork

Every member of our team has a background in dentistry, and their experience is what sets DSS apart and allows us to work seamlessly with the practices we support. Our staff are experts and will support your needs in a way that is consistent with the best practices in the dental field, no matter what the task.

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