Increased Efficiency = Increased Productivity and Revenue

Your team is in a constant tug of war between walking patients in and out, scheduling appointments, and calling insurance companies. If you’re like most practices this tug of war hurts the efficiency that your staff can operate under.

Our plug & play support system can be used to support any of these areas which will increase efficiency, accuracy & patient experience. The increase in productivity will show up as an increase in revenue on your P&L report.

What are you waiting for?

Phone & Scheduling Support

Insurance & Accounts Receivables Support

Chart Auditing

Our support specialists come to the rescue for undertrained or overwhelmed administrative departments. We are experts in the dental field; a background in dentistry is actually one of the requirements of joining our team.

Dental Support Specialties performs comprehensive dental administrative tasks at the same high level of service you provide your patients. We’ll work side-by-side with your team to develop positive relationships with the families and individuals you serve. We listen to your needs and determine how to serve you best—and then we get busy straightening out your practice.

When you trust Dental Support Specialties to take over the complicated but crucial administrative side of your practice, you don’t have to worry about scheduling extra training, or figuring in sick days, vacation leave, or overtime pay. We just provide seamless, high-level support—as little as much as you need!

Dental Support Specialties offers phone and scheduling services, insurance and accounts receivable assistance, and chart auditing for practices like yours.

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