Chart Auditing for Dentists – Uniontown, OH

The Data You Need Right Away

Our daily routines often swallow us, taking up most of our time and stopping us from doing so many important tasks because they are not urgent. One that often gets pushed to the side is chart auditing. Many dental practices have thousands of dollars sitting on reports in their dental software and honestly don’t know how valid these numbers are. Usually, it is because the practice is so busy with the day-to-day routine that they have lost track of why a patient no-showed, canceled, or failed to schedule an appointment. You are not alone!

Dental Support Specialties’ patient reactivation and chart auditing for dentists program can be customized for your practice to validate these reports and give you a true pulse point on your practice’s patient base. When you know your numbers, you can make informed decisions that are best for your practice in regards to the staff, marketing, PPO plans, continuing education, and the general direction you need to go to ensure future growth.

Our team can help you in the following ways:

  • Increase production by systematically calling on past due re-care and unscheduled treatments
  • Be prepared with benefit information
  • Validate your short call or quick fill list
  • Connect with your patient base and improve communication
  • Discover how many active patients are truly active


Common Chart Auditing Problems

Team member contemplating common chart auditing problems

We Discover Hidden Opportunities

  • You Can't Focus on Patient Relationships
  • Undone Dentistry is a Problem in Your Practice
  • You're Unsure How Many Patients are Truly Active

You Can't Focus on Patient Relationships

Friendly dental team member greeting patient

Dental Support Specialties is passionate about customer service and patient experience. Patients appreciate speaking with a person who can help them immediately, is confident in what they are doing, and treats them as if they are the most important part of their day. That is the service you can expect from Dental Support Specialties.

Undone Dentistry is a Problem in Your Practice

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Performing a chart audit is one of the best ways to understand the true value of your patient base and where you could improve it. Dental Support Specialties will examine your patient charts one by one to determine how many patients in your practice are truly active. Are they keeping up with their preventive care? Is there undone treatment in their chart? If so, why has it been left undone? Have their dental benefits changed? Would they like to come back and see you? Let us find the answers to these important questions for your practice.

You're Unsure How Many Patients are Truly Active

Team member reviewing dental patient activity

Don’t become so focused on bringing new patients into your practice that you lose track of the ones that you already have! Chart auditing is a great way to reactivate patients, strengthen connections, and ultimately get them back through the door.

With it, we can:

  • Verify Patient Insurance Information
  • Make Reactivation Calls to Fill Your Hygiene Schedule
  • Make Treatment Calls that Boost Production
  • Assess the Number of Truly Active Patients So That You Can Make Informed Business Decisions

Contact us to discuss the need for chart auditing today. We can help you develop and maintain a long list of satisfied patients!