The 2 Relationships That Matter Most for Your Practice’s Success

August 16, 2023

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In life, there are plenty of rewarding relationships that deserve your time and attention. If you’re a dentist, however, in addition to family and friends, two relationships you shouldn’t neglect are with your patients and your support staff—if you want to be successful.

Why are these relationships so important, and how could your choice of an administrative service company affect them? Keep reading to find out!

Relationships with Patients

Your connection with your patients matters more than any other relationship in the practice. Without it, you would struggle to keep them coming back again year after year with their dental needs.

Did you know that a healthy relationship with a patient actually begins before they come into your office? It starts when they make the first phone call. If you use a typical answering service that utilizes a machine, you miss an opportunity to build trust. Talking to a real person who is friendly and professional sets the tone for the rest of their interaction with your practice.

If you want your relationships with patients to start on a positive note, you need to hire an answering service that provides a real professional on the other end of the phone to represent your practice.

Relationships with Employees

For many practices, employee turnover is a problem. Establishing trust is difficult if your staff is inconsistent. While some issues are out of your hands, such as your employees moving or dealing with changing family needs, others are within your control, including making the office a pleasant place to be for everyone.

Believe it or not, the kind of work environment you set up in the office not only impacts your employees but also your patients. When your front desk team is stressed, overburdened, or stretched thin, it can impair the customer service they deliver to your patients. As a result, your practice can have a tense or anxious feeling, which could scare patients away.

The support services company you choose should fit right in with the culture you want to create in the office. By taking certain tasks, such as chart auditing, off your staff’s plate, you are removing unnecessary stress from their shoulders. They then can focus on helping your patients in the office and providing excellent service, drawing patients in over and over again.

If you want your practice to feel like a family, you need to take care of your relationships with patients and your employees. Fortunately, you can find a support team that helps you cultivate healthy connections with both!

About Dental Support Specialties

Dental Support Specialties (DSS) provides dental answering services with kind professionals talking to callers. Each of our team members has years of front office experience and can work within your management and scheduling software. We value your relationships and work to make your practice achieve a more comfortable, positive environment. To learn how we can best help your dental family flourish, contact our team today!

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