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3 Staff Struggles and How a Dental Answering Service Can Help

August 31, 2019

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Are you having issues with the administrative side of your dental practice? Without sufficient staff to handle scheduling and other important phone calls, your business as a whole can suffer significantly. After all, these calls are typically your patients’ first interaction with your practice. To help you get more patients through the door for appointments, you should consider using a dental answering service like Dental Support Specialties so that you can overcome the common staff issues in dentistry today. Then, you can focus on helping patients who come into your office.


4 Ways That Following Up with Your Patients Can Help Dental Scheduling

August 25, 2019

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Every day, you try to keep your schedule filled with as many patients as you can while still maintaining a high level of quality in your services. You want to do your best to avoid gaps in order to make more money. How can you make sure that this ideal situation happens more often than not? It’s simple. You and your team members need to follow up with your in active patients, confirm appointment times, and make sure that you’re optimizing every chance to bring them in for dental work. In the information below, you’ll learn four ways that following up with patients can benefit your dental scheduling and your practice in general.


Crunch the Numbers: Patient Reactivation for More Productivity

August 10, 2019

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laptop data chart

In your practice, you collect all kinds of data about your patients and the procedures you perform. You have the ability to know exactly how many of your patients use a certain dental insurance plan, how many root canals you perform every month, and which patients are overdue for an appointment at your practice. They say that knowledge is power, but how can you possible sort through all the data and use this information to help your business grow? When you partner with a service company that specializes in chart auditing, you can easily figure out how you can improve your practice’s patient reactivation.


The Power of the Follow-Up in Your Dental Scheduling

July 29, 2019

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In your practice, you and your team work hard to make sure that every patient is well cared for and receives the attention they deserve. But what about your patients that aren’t in the office? What are you doing to make sure they want to return for treatment in the future? If you don’t reach out to these patients, you could be losing opportunities to make more money. One of the simplest ways to make sure that you’re increasing your revenue is to follow up with your patients and stay on top of their treatment plans. By implementing this tool in your dental scheduling with Dental Support Specialties, you can make your practice even more efficient and productive.


Need Help with Dental Scheduling? We’ve Got Your Back!

July 16, 2019

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Your practice is performing well, but there is still room for growth and improvement. You find that you miss several calls every day while your go-to front desk team member is out for lunch. How can you make sure that your practice can keep running smoothly and have a robust schedule? Whether you need help with dental scheduling during staff vacations or on a more consistent basis during busy times of the day, Dental Support Specialties can meet your needs and make sure that your practice is connecting with and serving patients in the best way possible.


3 Reasons to Work with Dental Support Specialties

July 2, 2019

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Although your practice is doing fairly well financially, you want to improve. Have you thought about being more efficient in your office’s daily functions? Between answering the phones, filing dental insurance claims, and making reminder calls, your front desk team members contribute to the success of your practice, and Dental Support Specialties can help make your practice run more smoothly and maximize on your potential revenue. In this post, you’ll learn three reasons why you should take advantage of our services.


A Dental Answering Service Can Get Started Right Away!

June 20, 2019

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A woman speaking on the phone.

Has your practice suffered a high level of turnover that’s leaving you vulnerable? Need to hire support staff right away but don’t have time to train people and get them up to speed? In certain circumstances, it can help to have an immediate team of professionals experienced in the field of dentistry, especially those with a knack for customer service. That’s where a dental answering service comes in. By using a team who’s sole job is to make your practice more efficient, save money, and prevent potential financial setbacks, you can maintain your practice’s revenue. Here’s how they integrate with your practice on day one.


How a Dental Answering Service Helps You Save Money

June 12, 2019

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When managing a small business, every dollar counts. It can be so easy to let patients fall through the cracks, resulting in a missed opportunity to increase your revenue. You may also end up spending far more time helping your administrative staff learn your practice’s software, taking valuable time away from your patients. Even worse, patients could be caught off guard by surprise fees and may blame you as a result, causing them to search for dental care elsewhere. With a dental answering service, you can avoid these problems, save money running your practice, and ensure much more in the process.

Keep reading to learn how a dental answering service can save your practice money in the long-term.


Choose a Dental Answering Service That Knows Your Software!

June 1, 2019

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A woman speaking on the phone while working on a computer.

One of the most common aspects of building a team of support staff is teaching them how to use the technology in your office. Of course, the technology we’re referring to is the management software used to organize and chart your current patients, as opposed to the digital x-ray machine. Unfortunately, teaching your new hires how to use this software can be a time-consuming process. Alternatively, choosing a dental answering service can streamline the entire process without sacrificing quality. Whether it’s communicating with patients to confirm post-op appointments or filling your hygiene scheduling, here’s how you can benefit from a team who already knows your software inside and out.


3 Benefits of Dental Insurance Verification Support

May 30, 2019

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Dental insurance form

Every good dentist wants to spend time focusing on what is most important: providing quality care for patients in need. Far too often, however, administrative duties can get in the way of fulfilling this mission. Submitting claims, following up, verifying insurance benefits, and more – the tedious and time-consuming tasks related to verifying dental insurance can leave dental professionals feeling tired and frustrated. What’s more, patients can also end up frustrated when they are surprised by fees that are not communicated to them beforehand. Want to avoid administrative hassles and focus on patient care? Here is how dental insurance verification support can help.

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