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3 Money-Saving Ways Our Dental Support Services Affect Your Bottom Line

March 31, 2021

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dental tools with money

With the end of the first quarter approaching, you’re taking a closer look at your practice’s revenue. You’re careful about expenses, and when you consider adding new services, you ask the golden question: how much will dental support cost? However, when it comes to Dental Support Specialties, the main question you should ask is how much you could save. In this post, we’ll share three ways that our services can help your practice bring in more revenue.


What Your Patients Are Thinking When They Leave a Message

March 17, 2021

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woman on the phone who looks frustrated

Do you wish you could read your patients’ thoughts? Wouldn’t it be nice to know what they like or dislike about their experience with your practice? Every now and then, it can be beneficial to put yourself in your patients’ shoes and imagine what they’re thinking. By doing this exercise, you can get an idea of ways you can improve.

Put yourself in their position as they call your practice to make an appointment. Dental scheduling should be quick and easy, but it’s lunch hour. This means having to leave a message with an answering service and getting called about it later. In case you don’t know, we’ve shared what your patients are thinking at this point and how Dental Support Specialties can help!


How Little Efforts in Following Up for Hygiene Can Make a Huge Difference in Revenue

March 5, 2021

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patient during a hygiene appointment

When you think about the big money-makers in dentistry, you probably think of dental implants, porcelain veneers, and smile makeovers. When you’ve made a plan with a patient for one of these big-ticket services, you follow up with them to make sure they actually go through with it. But do you do the same with those who only come in every six months? Although hygiene care isn’t particularly flashy, it often plays an essential role in a general practice’s success. In this post, you’ll learn why having a full hygiene calendar is so important and how Dental Support Specialties can help you accomplish it by following up for hygiene.


3 Accounts Receivables Problems and How to Fix Them

February 26, 2021

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accounts receivable for dental billing

As a responsible small business owner, you look through the books for your practice every now and then on a regular basis. You typically have some bills that are still outstanding, but it seems like there should be more money in the practice’s bank account than what you see. After a bit of digging, you find that many bills need to be paid. In other words, you have problems with your accounts receivables. In this post, you’ll learn about these problems in dental billing and how Dental Support Specialties can help!


Keep Your Scheduling Software! We Work in Your System

February 15, 2021

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woman working with dental scheduling software

From the floor plan to the décor, you’ve carefully chosen everything for your dental office. After all, your practice is your business! When it comes to your scheduling software, you likely poured over your options and tried to pick one that made the most sense for your office. Whether it is more user friendly, more convenient for records and treatment plans, or more conducive for billing purposes, you have your reasons for the one you chose.

But now your team needs some help with dental scheduling support from a dental answering service. Does that mean all your hard work was for nothing? When that help comes from Dental Support Specialties, you can keep using your software! We work in your system and make the process simple. In this post, you’ll learn the benefits of bringing additional help into your practice with our team.


Dealing with Insurance Headaches? There’s Another Option!

February 5, 2021

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stressed dentist because of dental insurance verification

Did you know that about 57 percent of the American population has dental insurance? Compared to medical insurance, that number may not seem as impressive, but that’s roughly half of your potential patients who have insurance and want to use their benefits! In other words, if you want to bring in more patients, you need to be flexible and work with the dental insurance plans.

Like it or not, finding a practice that works with their dental insurance is an important attraction for your patient base. But you know all too well just how troublesome insurance can be. Since it’s a necessary evil, you have two choices for your practice: try to deal with the stress of dental insurance verification on your own or let Dental Support Specialties handle it.


3 Headaches of Hiring That You Don’t Get with Us!

January 30, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — dentalsupportteam @ 5:55 pm

During your busiest time of the day in your practice, you hear the phone ringing over and over. You hear bustling team members and equipment whirring from serving patients. At first this seems like a wonderful thing—it means you’re busy and have lots of patients coming in! But, judging from the look on your front desk receptionist’s face, it may be too much for your current team size to manage on their own in the long term.

You know your staff need extra hands on deck to handle the workload, but onboarding a new team member requires so much time and effort. There are many steps to bringing someone up to speed so that they actually become an asset and not a liability. What are those extra steps? Do you have to go through special steps when you get help with dental answering service from Dental Support Specialties? Read on to find out!


What Kinds of Practices Do We Serve?

January 18, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — dentalsupportteam @ 5:52 pm
happy receptionist helping a patient

You wanted to help people. You love working with your hands. When you dreamed about being a dentist or dental specialist, you probably didn’t envision having to deal with staffing issues. Whether you’re down a front team member, or there’ll be a stretch needing to be covered while they’re out on vacation or sick leave, you need help with scheduling appointments and other administrative tasks. That’s where Dental Support Specialties can step in and lend a helping hand as your dental answering service. But your practice isn’t a run-of-the-mill dental practice! Read on to learn what roles we can assume and what kinds of practices we serve.


New Year, New Insurance! Are You Being Paid On Time?

January 5, 2021

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money under 2021 blocks

In the wake of COVID-19, nearly everyone has become more aware and careful with their money. Even though many of your patients may not have come for two hygiene appointments in 2020 because of quarantine, those who still pay for dental insurance benefits are sure to take advantage of them in the coming year. But are you all caught up on last year’s insurance payments? Does your team need dental insurance support to get back on track? Make sure you start 2021 out right by staying on top of your insurance billing.


Want to Cut Expenses? Use a Dental Answering Service

December 31, 2020

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scissors cutting expenses paper

At the end of a strange, chaotic year, it’s time for you to sit down and take a look at the books for your practice. Running a small business during a global pandemic means that your practice may not be as profitable as you’d like. However, by making some wise choices, you can quickly recover financially.

When people want to have more money, they often think that they only need to make more income. Although gaining new patients and productivity does bring in more revenue, your profits can also be hurt by how much money you have going out for business expenses. That’s why it’s important to also dedicate some effort to limiting or cutting costs. If you’re already feeling a financial pinch, adding the cost of a dental answering service may not initially seem like a smart move. However, in this blog post, you’ll learn how a dental answering service can help you save on other expenditures, boosting your practice’s bottom line.

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