Follow-Up Calls: Get More Work Done

April 17, 2023

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During an appointment, you put together a great treatment plan for a patient wanting a smile makeover. You perfect every detail and discuss the financial aspect, and they seem genuinely interested in moving forward. You’re excited to have a high-cost case, but when the patient still hasn’t scheduled the treatment, you wonder if you’ll ever get it done!

Follow-up calls are important to keep your connection with patients strong and to keep them coming back. But does that mean your front desk team has  to call each patient? No! Keep reading to learn when and how to have follow up calls that are actually effective.

When Following Up Is Necessary

Not every patient requires a follow-up call. It would waste your team’s valuable time! However, reaching out to some of your patients individually can help your schedule stay full, your patients feel appreciated, and your revenue stream robust. The following are two reasons that you may want to follow up with certain patients.

Incomplete Treatment Plan

You can have a patient who is interested in a lucrative treatment plan, like dental implants or a smile makeover, but if all you ever do is talk about it, you don’t get paid. Sometimes, patients do need time to consider the treatment plan, pricing, or other details. Perhaps they are seeking a second opinion. However, given enough time, they could forget or move on without actually following through with treatment.

A friendly, follow-up call to the patient can remind them about their plan can renew their excitement and help push them towards completing treatment.

Hygiene Appointment

Most people would struggle to know their schedule six months in advance. As a result, some patients wait to put their next hygiene appointment in the calendar. After several months, they may need a gentle reminder to schedule this visit, which is where a follow-up call comes into play. By contacting those who are passed due on their hygiene care, you can bring back patients who may have just become distracted with hectic life. Plus, calling and scheduling these patients can help you keep your hygienists busy!

How to Follow Up Correctly

No one enjoys getting nagged, and if you don’t handle follow ups correctly, the patients can feel like you’re nagging them. Here’s how your front desk team can go about this task in a professional, friendly way:

  • Avoid calling too frequently.
  • Stay positive during the phone call or when leaving a message.
  • Emphasize the benefits of completing treatment.
  • Possibly mention some personal (non-confidential) detail from their last appointment to show you know and remember them.
  • Ask if they have questions or concerns about treatment.

If the follow-up process seems overwhelming or like it would only stress out your front desk team, Dental Support Specialties can handle these calls for them and actually schedule appointments within your calendar. As a result, they will be available to help with in-office needs.

About Dental Support Specialties

At Dental Support Specialties, we know we represent your practice when we make follow-up calls, and our administrators are very friendly and pleasant to talk with. We know how to communicate with patients in a professional manner and will leave them with a positive impression of your practice. If you would like to learn more about Dental Support Specialties, contact us online today!

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