Scheduling Support for Dental Practices

Being proactive answering your phones and scheduling patient appointments is vital for the sustained success of your practice. If a patient calls on a week day during normal business hours there is an expectation that their call will be answered.

Let Dental Support Specialties help you tap into a new opportunity by answering your phones and scheduling appointments at times when your phone is going unanswered. Our specialists will be there to convert new patient calls, protect your schedule against cancellations and maximize your daily production.

A Personalized, Professional Approach

We don’t just answer phones at Dental Support Specialties - we work your phones with a purpose! Our focus when working your phones and schedule includes 4 main aspects:

  1. Build connections with your patients
  2. Project a positive image of your practice and your dentistry
  3. Work your schedule & maximize production
  4. Make it easier for your team to focus on the patients in front of them

We Work With your Dental Software

Working with Dental Support Specialties is simple and straightforward. Our specialists will log onto your workstation using secure remote internet access. No additional IT or expensive software required. We use the existing infrastructure that you already have in place. No add on’s or training required! We are fully aware of and compliant with all HIPAA requirements.

What Can Our Phone Support Do for You?

Like everything that Dental Support Specialties can do for your practice, our phone support is designed to be very flexible.

Phone support can include any of (or combination) of the following:

  • Incoming Calls
  • Recare Calls
  • Undone Treatment Calls
  • Confirmation Calls
  • Post-Op Calls
  • AR/Balance Due Calls

You can leverage our phone support in a way that makes sense for your practice. Perhaps you want to tap into a new opportunity when the office is closed or not seeing patients? Maybe you have an urgent staffing need due to staff turnover, maternity, vacation, etc.? It might be that your staff is overwhelmed and supporting them on phones for a few hours a day is all it would take to increase their efficiency & help you reach your production goals on a more regular basis?

Dental Support Specialties appreciates the uniqueness of Your situation and will provide a solution that makes sense – For You!

We take pride in the high level of customer service that we provide the patients of the practices we support. The best compliments we receive are when your patients show up for their appointments requesting to meet the wonderful receptionist that scheduled their appointment! We won’t tell if you don’t! Contact us to learn more about phone and scheduling support.

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