Not Just a Dental Answering Service: The Ideal Team Member

August 12, 2018

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A person using a mobile phone.Whether you’re dealing with high volume or you simply can’t find team members that meet your standards, it can be difficult to find the right support for your practice’s unique needs. Not all employees are capable of performing all the tasks you need seamlessly. Even then, it’s difficult to measure their performance and determine what needs to be changed in order to give patients a better dental care experience overall.

That changes when you have a dental answering service consisting of only your most ideal team members.

High-Quality Training and Management

When you’re hiring front desk staff, are you forced to teach them how to use a software they have no experience with using? Do you find yourself constantly walking into the front office checking if they’re doing their job? Front desk employees should be putting your office in a positive light and keeping the flow of incoming and outgoing patients consistent. If they’re constantly needing to be micromanaged, then they aren’t letting you perform the duties you need to be as a dental professional.

A dental answering service requires no additional training, no extra management costs and provides a more consistent work flow thanks to their decades of experience working in the industry. With access to a dedicated team, you don’t have to worry if they can navigate your practice’s software or help patients properly prepare for their upcoming visit.

Fewer Absences and Better Reliability

When your front desk staff is absent, either because they’re sick or because their taking vacation, that’s going to affect your office’s productivity and workflow. Patients won’t be as well catered too, insurance claims and verifications will begin to pile up, and general office duties will go by the wayside.

Since employees at a dental answering service work remotely, you’ll always be able to rely on people who can get your patients scheduled for their next visit, get questions from patients answered and generate a positive image for the office. The most ideal team member is one you can rely on every single day that you’re in the practice.

A Chance to Track Their Success

Imagine you could keep track of every time your front desk employee got a patient to schedule a follow-up appointment or submitted an insurance claim. When it comes to measuring productivity, you most likely don’t have the time to properly do so, meaning you have no idea how effective your front desk truly is at expanding your patient base and making more money.

A dental answering service often includes an accountability report the moment you begin using their service. This report takes note of your support team’s performance and summarizes everything they’ve accomplished since they were assigned to your practice. If their performance is lacking, then the stats will show it in real time, whether it’s a single day or an entire year after you began using them.

Consider getting your practice the support it needs for success!

About the Dental Support Specialties Team

After learning about the expertise our team provides, dental practices find it hard to identify another company with the same level of industry knowledge or return on investment. That’s because the team members are solely dedicated to supporting administrative duties typically needed in dental offices. To learn more about their expertise or how your practice can benefit from a support team, schedule a consultation today!

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