How Your Dental Answering Service Integrates With Your Practice

June 24, 2018

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A woman on the phone while on a computer.When dentists learn about the concept of a dental answering service, it’s common that they have many questions. For example, if answering service employees aren’t required to show up to the office and learn how the practice operates, how are they supposed to help? How is there service any different than an answering machine? How are they supposed to use the practice’s existing software?

Today we’ll go over how this process works and set expectations for dentists looking to improve their office’s productivity!

Initial Training

Answering services are used to only taking messages or directing people toward another employee of the company, but dental answering services are trained specifically to work with individuals seeking dental care. This means the employees are trained to manage duties typically performed in a dental office, including:

  • Answering incoming calls and getting to know patients
  • Performing follow-ups for recare, post-op, and undone treatments
  • Speaking with insurance companies
  • Completing dental insurance verification forms

Hardware and Software

Companies understand that dental practices across the country will use different types of project management software. To properly aid your practice, the team is trained to navigate all forms of management software and perform necessary duties. These include chart auditing, patient reactivation, and creating a clearer picture of what your patient base looks like. Furthermore, they’re also trained to use all equipment necessary to manage your practice’s data and speak with patients clearly and effectively.


Since employees go through a well-regulated screening process, your dental answering service takes all the work out of finding reliable people for the job. No longer will you have to review numerous resumes and cover letters. Each team member is guaranteed to provide high-quality customer service and report on their productivity. This helps them prove their worth to dentists, a trait most in-office employees lack.

Information Requests

If you’re ever concerned about your answering service’s effectiveness, it’s easy to send an information request for work they’ve completed over the past day, week, month, and even year! Without providing proof, there’s no way to know whether you should keep using the service. Being transparent allows answering services to show their worth of a specific employee and of the company as a whole.

Remote-Use of Software

As mentioned earlier, employees are trained to utilize many types of software to help practices. Whether you need assistance with software you’re using or need your patient contacts and information organized, remote access makes it easy for the team to see exactly what your in-house team sees. Getting your questions answered and your administrative maintenance completed couldn’t be easier!

Don’t wait to get your practice the support it needs. Schedule an appointment today to improve your practice’s productivity!

About the Author

Dr. Mary Beth Bajornas only hires individuals with a very high level of expertise and flexibility in answering and managing the many official duties of dental practices. She’s the founder of Dental Support Specialties and is more than happy to discuss your practice’s future goals. To get started, contact her through her website!

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