5 Reasons Why Your Dental Answering Service is the Perfect Employee

June 15, 2018

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A woman speaking to a patient.When you hear the phrase “dental answering service,” you may assume that it’s only job is to answer calls when your own staff is too busy speaking with patients in the practice. However, it truly is so much more than that. While having a dedicated support staff can catch more calls and take messages as needed, it can also make your patients feel like their part of something bigger when they visit the dentist.

Here are five reasons why they’re perfect to support your practice.

Reason #1: They Won’t Call in Sick

Most dental practices don’t have several office staff working at a time, which means if even one employee calls out sick, your practice’s ability to handle calls, speak with patients in the practice, and handle other administrative duties drops significantly. Dental answering services are made up of dozens of employees, giving you more reliable support.

Reason #2: They Get Along With Patients

If there’s one thing patients love to hear in an increasingly automated world, it’s a human being talking to them and listening to their concerns. Not only does having a dedicated person representing your practice provide the patient a chance to address their concerns, it also gives the employee a chance to learn if this patient is the ideal patient you’re looking for.

Would you rather reserve time for a patient who comes in once and never comes back, or one that comes routinely and even recommends you to others in the community?

Reason #3: They Know How Your Practice Operates

Dental answering services provide employees who are specifically trained to work with whatever dental software you use, as well as your existing infrastructure. There’s no need to pay for additional training or install software to utilize their skills thanks to their preexisting dental background.

Reason #4: Ready to Suggest Improvements

When you work with a service with decades of office experience, you’ll quickly learn that there’s an optimal way to communicate with new and current patients, improve work flow, and ensure patients receive a very high level of customer satisfaction. This unique synergy is often lost in dental practices, but it doesn’t have to be.

Reason #5: Prepared to Prove Their Worth

Answering services know they need to prove their worth in order for dentists to keep using them. When you work with them, you’ll gain access to an accountability portal that outlines a detailed report of textual stats in real time.

Every day, week, month, and year you use them, you’ll get detailed reports on:

  • Money claimed
  • New patients added
  • Insurance claims submitted and posted
  • And much more information!

When it comes to accessibility and accountability, there a few resources like a dental answering service that can truly deliver. Schedule a consultation today to learn how your practice can benefit!

About the Dental Support Specialties

Dental Support Specialties is meant to be your most ideal team member. They’re dedicated to offering support so you can focus on what truly matters: getting patients essential dental care. To learn how your practice can get started, contact them through their website.

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