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April 9, 2011

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Do you have a solid confirmation system in place to help maximize your scheduling opportunities? Whether you use an automated system or old-fashioned personal phone calls, take every step you can to get those confirmations!

  • Start confirmations 2 business days prior to the scheduled appointment.

Monday – Confirmations should be started for Thursday along with firming up Tuesday and Wednesday
Tuesday – Confirmations should be started for Friday along with firming up Wednesday and Thursday
Wednesday – Confirmations should be started for Monday along with firming up Thursday and Friday
Thursday – Confirmations should be started for Tuesday along with firming up Friday and Monday
Friday – Confirmations should be started for Wednesday along with firming up Monday and Tuesday

  • Day One – Automated system reminder sent via email or text. If not signed up for automated reminders a phone call should be placed. If unable to reach patient, a kind confirmation request is left asking the patient to contact office to verify appointment. We use the language “This is Mary Beth calling from Dr. So & So’s office – This message is for John. Hi John, how are you? I am calling to confirm your 2:00 appointment we have reserved just for you with Dr. So & So this coming Monday afternoon, April 11th. Again 2:00 pm this coming Monday April 11th. Could you please contact our office at 123-234-2222 to confirm your appointment? It will be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much! We are looking forward to seeing you!
  • Day Two – If no solid confirmation has been made, second attempts are made. For those patients who received automated reminders yet haven’t confirmed, a phone call should now be made. Again, if no personal contact made a confirmation request is left on voicemail. For those who received messages the day prior, another message can be left stating we are verifying receipt of our confirmation message left in regards to your appointment (state day/time) and ask for another confirmation request.
  • Day Three – If solid confirmation has not been made, contact attempts should be made through every communication method we have on file with another confirmation request made – this should be done first thing in the morning. If you don’t hear from the patient by noon, contact attempts should be made again with the message informing the patient that if we don’t hear from them by 2pm today that unfortunately we will have to move their appointment off the schedule (state day/time) and ask the patient to call back and reschedule at their convenience. Always mark these patients for follow-up!!!
  • This allows ample time for the patients to confirm, and allows ample time for any holes in the schedule to be filled saving you TIME and MONEY!
  • I know, some of you are reading this thinking “Wow – Doesn’t that take a lot of time?” And my answer is yes, it can. But I would rather spend the time on the front end confirming and guaranteeing that my schedule is solid today, rather than scrambling and stressing at the back-end when someone doesn’t show up or late cancels tomorrow. Which would you prefer?

It’s a great feeling to leave at the end of the day knowing that the next business day is FULL and confirmed!

Your team will then be able to focus on the other opportunities that walk in your door today instead of scrambling to fill a no-show/late cancel appointment!
Any Questions?

Here’s to you for a week filled of solid confirmations! WOOT!




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