Top 3 Benefits of Outsourcing Dental Billing for Your Practice

December 4, 2023

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The word outsourcing has developed a negative connotation in the recent past, but it doesn’t always mean sending jobs and money out of the country. When it comes to a dental practice, outsourcing some tasks, namely dental billing, can actually be quite beneficial for the business and your employees. What are these benefits? Keep reading to learn just three of the many!

More Access to Expertise

Dental billing can get quite complicated, which is why the person you entrust with this task needs to be an expert. Otherwise, your practice may not get paid on time and seem to have financial trouble when it should be stable and thriving.

However, good help can be hard to find—as the saying goes, and it’s certainly true when it comes to searching for someone in your local area with specialized experience and expertise. Instead of being at the mercy of the talent and hiring pool of your immediate vicinity, you can outsource dental billing, which allows you to cast a wider net and capture professionals with the kind of experience you need.

More Cash Flow

Hiring another company to take over a task obviously includes an expense, but outsourcing for the most part is cheaper than hiring a full-time employee to do it.

Plus, billing support may help you bring in more revenue more efficiently. Instead of having a growing pile of unpaid accounts receivable, your practice can collect fees from patients and insurance companies on schedule, giving you the cash required for your business. In addition, this money could help you make important decisions about your practice, such as purchasing new equipment, hiring more staff, and more.

On top of the potential for having more money coming in, you can also save your in-house staff the time and trouble it takes to stay on top of insurance regulations, verification, follow-up calls, and other tasks that can occupy them for hours!

Better Workplace Culture

Does the idea of being on the phone for hours with insurance sound appealing? Of course not! The thought may even make you angry or frustrated. Yet your front desk employees have to deal with it every day if you don’t outsource billing.

Chances are that they would much prefer interacting with your patients, helping them feel welcome and creating a positive environment for everyone in the office. When you’re dealing with frustrations on the phone, it can be difficult to put on a happy face for patients. Outsourcing enables your team to stay more positive and upbeat, which can be contagious to your patients.

Although you may hesitate at first to outsource dental billing, the potential benefits are impossible to ignore. Consider this savvy business move and see how it can help your practice perform even  better!

About Dental Support Specialties

Dental Support Specialties is based in Ohio and employs administrative dental professionals with decades of experience. Our team is fully compliant with all HIPAA requirements and can work in your office’s software. Our other services include phone answering and chart auditing. Would you like to learn more about outsourcing dental billing or our other services? Contact us online here.

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