Got Goals for 2023? We Can Help You Achieve Them!

December 19, 2022

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Although your office and team may be in holiday mode at the moment, the new year is just around the corner. With just a few weeks left, you need to shift your focus on your 2023 goals for your dental practice. What are some possible professional resolutions you could shoot for this upcoming year? And how can working with Dental Support Specialties help you achieve your goals? Read on to learn more!

Goal #1: More Patients

One of the most important goals shared by nearly every dental practice is to gain more patients. A larger patient pool allows you to have a full schedule, a comfortable revenue stream, and potentially confidence to expand your team or acquire new equipment.

While your marketing budget and efforts are undoubtedly essential for attracting new patients, Dental Support Specialties also plays a role in your growth and success. If your staff members are unable to take phone calls, especially during peak hours, potential patients could decide to call another office rather than leave a message.

Goal #2: More Productivity

A gap here and there in your schedule shouldn’t worry you, but if you and your team regularly have low productivity, your practice’s profits will drastically go down. Your team, especially if you have hygienists, need to stay busy, and Dental Support Specialties can lend a helping hand.

We can call your patients who are overdue for a hygiene visit or incomplete work and get them scheduled. As a result, your schedule stays full, and your practice’s profits can increase.

Goal #3: Better Employee Retention

Did you know that it costs significantly more to hire a new employee than it does to keep the ones you’ve already got? Unfortunately, staff burnout and turnover can not only create an unstable or even toxic work environment, but it can also slow the practice down in terms of productivity.

Instead of putting such a large administrative burden on your front desk team that ends with exhaustion and frustration, you can allow them to focus on customer service within the office and hire Dental Support Specialties to take on remote-friendly responsibilities.

Rather than dealing with answering phone calls and verifying dental insurance, your front staff can dedicate their time and attention on scheduling future appointments with patients, welcoming those who enter, and creating a positive environment for everyone.

By the time 2023 comes to an end, you want to be able to say you’ve accomplished something and improved the practice. Dental Support Specialties can help you make your goals a reality, so don’t waste any time before the year runs out!

About Dental Support Specialties

Fully remote, Dental Support Specialties offers administrative support to dental practices around the country. We can provide billing services, answer incoming phone calls, and schedule appointments in your software—all with very little or no training needed. Our professionals have years of experience working with patients and will represent your practice well. If you are interested in learning more about our services, you should contact us online here.

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