Stop Spending Money on Marketing and Get More Conversions

June 17, 2021

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You’ve spent months redesigning your website, investing in Google ads, and trying other marketing strategies. During a meeting with your marketing company, you get some concerning results. You aren’t seeing the progress in revenue that you thought you would. Could you need to spend even more in marketing?

Perhaps the problem has nothing to do with how much you’re putting into marketing—it could be that your practice isn’t converting the leads it’s getting from your marketing efforts. Instead of piling more money into more strategies, your time, effort, and resources could be better spent making sure that you’re taking advantage of the leads you already have with a dental answering service.

The Limitations of Marketing

In many cases, a new website, targeted strategy, and SEO improvements do help bring in more revenue. A stronger online presence is essential when people rely so heavily on searches and reviews. However, marketing can only go so far. Marketing helps you attract more patients, but ultimately it’s up to your front desk team to turn those leads into patients with a scheduled appointment.

When a potential patient calls your office, if they’re met with an answering machine or an answering service that doesn’t schedule appointments, they can be disappointed and decide to try another dental practice.

The Importance of Each Call

If you’ve ever had to deal with a frustrating customer service or technical support call, you know that it can leave a bad impression of that particular business. Working with a machine or someone who isn’t qualified to actually help only adds to your stress and doesn’t build trust. However, you get a more positive impression when you’ve talked to a real, respectful person who can meet your needs and accomplish what you called about. If your patients have this kind of pleasant experience, they are much more likely to come to your practice and bring their business with them. At Dental Support Specialties, we take pride in our professional attitude and have the capability to schedule appointments in your software.

Falling Through the Cracks

Even if your front desk team does a wonderful job of converting leads while they’re available and in the office, you could still be losing leads. During busy times, lunch breaks, and vacation leave, potential patients are still calling in and needing to be served. Dental Support Specialties can be your backup!

In the end, you may not have to devote more resources to marketing. Try making sure that you’re capturing as many leads as possible by getting help from Dental Support Specialties. Our team is always here to help your practice succeed with every phone call.

About Dental Support Specialties

Dental Support Specialties has been providing remote administrative support to dental practices for more than a decade. In addition to insurance billing, we offer answering and scheduling services. We are familiar with basically all scheduling software, which means that we are able to work within your system and schedule appointments, helping you bring in more revenue. If you would like to learn more about how we can maximize your marketing budget, contact us online or by calling 330-639-1333.

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