“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

March 9, 2011

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Isn’t that the truth? It’s all in how someone makes us feel. Make us feel good, we’ll be back. Make us feel bad, forget about it! Make me feel good, and I’ll share it with everyone I know. Make me feel bad, and yes you can bet I will share that as well!!

Every single patient interaction in your practice should reflect positive feelings, friendly feelings, feelings of genuine caring for your patients.

Answering the phones – this is so HUGE yet so many practices fall way short of even remotely sounding interested, friendly or engaged. Call your office when no one expects it. If you have after hours coverage, CALL! Hear the greeting through the ears of a patient and ask yourself if this is how you want your practice to be represented. Speaking of answering the phones – be sure that someone is actually answering the phones! Offering your patients 40 hours a week phone/scheduling availability can keep your schedule full like you wouldn’t believe! If you don’t, you’re missing out on all kinds of opportunity!

As we all know, every single thing that goes on in your practice is a direct reflection of YOU! Poor patient care – guess what? The patients believe that YOUR stamp of approval is on it.

Welcome to our practice!! All patients (especially NEW ones) should be greeted immediately upon arrival with a smile and a “great to see you!!” or a handshake with a “welcome” to new patients. There is nothing that drives me personally more nuts than entering a medical facility and a) not being acknowledged b) being told “sign in there” with a flip of their hand with no eye contact or greeting c) having to decipher for myself where I should go, what I should do and guess at what to expect.

Each team member should make an effort to introduce themselves to the new patient – even if they are just whizzing by the room they are seated in, a quick “Hey Mr Smith! My name is Mandy – I am  Dr. George’s assistant. We’re really glad you’re here!”……….. It takes no more than 30 seconds from every team member but what an impression it leaves.

Do you know what truly sets your practice apart from the rest? Your level of patient care. Not your prices. Not your new technology. Not your bazillion dollar building. It’s all about the patient care.

Are your patients offered refreshments? Warm blankets and pillows? CD players or iPods to listen to some groovy kind of music during treatment? Do all of your team members make a point to introduce themselves to new patients? How often is “thank you” used in your practice? Are patient birthdays celebrated/acknowledged in some small way if the patient is in the week of their birthday?

Make your patients feel like VIP guests upon arrival, and make sure they are smiling when they leave. Do this and your referrals will increase tenfold! How you do it is up to you and your team. Start out with making sure the phones are being answered promptly, friendly, consistently and enthusiastically! Then make sure all patients are greeting warmly upon entering your practice, as if you have been waiting JUST for them! Talk about one way to amp up your patient care at your morning huddle, then DO IT!

No “bad days” or sad faces allowed from team members, especially in front of patients! We all know we have bad days but as far as your patients go, they should know nothing but you guys are the happiest people they have ever met, every single time they come into your practice. If someone is having that bad of a day that it affects patient care, give them the day off to go home and find their happy place again. (I’m not talking about life changing events such as death/illness folks!)

Happy, satisfied patients are more apt to accept/schedule recommended treatment. They are more likely to not only make, but keep their recare appointments. They will spread the word like Orange County Housewives gossip of how fantastic you and your team are! And here’s the kicker – They will STAY.

The goal as a company is to have customer service that is
not just the best, but legendary.


Start today by making your patient care legendary. It costs very little, but the return is priceless. More valuable than any marketing plan ever designed.

Here is a simple but powerful rule – always give people
more than what they expect to get.


And when you do this, they will go out and tell the world.

So friends, what small change are you going to implement in your practice today?

Here’s a big ole WOOT to having fun with this and continued success!



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