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Dental Insurance Verification

We’ll Take the Stress Out of Insurance

Managing dental insurance verification in your practice is time consuming and can be a source of great frustration. Being prepared with the knowledge and tools to overcome any challenges presented by insurance companies is a necessity for getting claims paid first time round. The submission, follow-up, and verification of insurance benefits, account reviews, and statements are such tedious and time consuming tasks, and they are usually the first things that get pushed to the side while teams focus on in-house patient care. Aging Reports can spiral very rapidly if solid systems are not in place and worked consistently. Let DSS support your practice with proven, streamlined insurance and AR systems to keep your cash flowing, patients happy, and treatments scheduled.

Common Insurance Billing Problems We Make Perfection a Science

You Don't Have Time to Talk to Insurance Companies

With Dental Support Specialties submitting your insurance claims and completing regular follow-ups, you can rest easy knowing that insurance payments will be as consistent as your cash flow. Your patients will appreciate the efficiency and accuracy with which your practice handles their benefits. This will reflect positively on your practice and aid in word of mouth referrals among your patient's co-workers who carry the same PPO plan.

Your Patients Are Frustrated About Surprise Fees

Two people in dental consultation

It’s very common for patients to be caught off-guard by an unexpected deductible, copay, or fee from your practice that they weren’t expecting. Our team can help cut down on this frustration by making sure your patients are fully informed about what they will owe out-of-pocket before treatment begins so there are never any unpleasant surprises. And, we can work with unsatisfied patients and find a solution that is agreeable for both them and the practice.

Your Insurance Aging Report is Growing

Man looking at paperwork

Making sure that your insurance aging report is stable and insurance collections are up-to-date has a huge impact on your bottom line.  DSS can put systems in place that will monitor and ensure that you are collecting insurance payments owed to you in a timely and consistent fashion. Don't let your hard earned dollars sit on a report. Let DSS put those earnings in your pocket where they belong.

Your Patient's Insurance Information is Inaccurate

Smiling father and daughter at dental reception desk

Patients change insurance policies all the time, providers change what their plans cover year to year as well, and this is the kind of information you and your team need to know. Our insurance experts can follow-up and double check your patients’ benefits to make sure everything in your system is up to date, and if a provider changes their coverage, we’ll know that as well, and we’ll quickly relay the information to your team.

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