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Managing everything dental insurance in your practice is time consuming and can be a source of frustration. Being prepared with the knowledge and tools to overcome any challenges presented by the insurance companies is a necessity in getting claims paid first time round. The submission, follow-up and verification of insurance benefits, account review and statements, are such tedious and time consuming tasks and can be the first tasks that get pushed to the side while focusing on in house patient care. Aging Reports can spiral very rapidly if solid systems are not in place and worked consistently. Let DSS support your practice with fluent, streamlined insurance and A/R systems to keep your cash flowing, patients happy and treatment scheduled.


Let Us Take the Stress Away

Let Dental Support Specialties support your insurance needs. We offer flexible support options that work for every practice.

Your practice can use Dental Support Specialties to support any one or a combination of the following Insurance/Accounts Receivables functions.

  • Insurance Benefit Verification
  • Daily Insurance Claim Submission
  • Consistent Follow Up and Active Recovery of Submitted Primary and Secondary Claims
  • Posting Patient EOB’s/EFT’s to accounts
  • Printing/Mailing Patient Statements
  • Balance Collection Calls

Never Be Intimidated By Insurance Companies Again

With Dental Support Specialties submitting your insurance claims and completing regular follow-up you will rest easy knowing that insurance payments will be as consistent as your cash flow.

Your patients will appreciate the efficiency and accuracy with which your practice handles their benefits. This will reflect positively on the practice and aid in word of mouth referrals among your patient's co-workers who carry the same PPO plan.

Eliminate An Uncomfortable Situation

Is your front desk administrator uncomfortable asking your patients for payment at time of service & calling on patients with a balance due? If so, let Dental Support Specialties support your need.

We will work together with you to develop a system to consistently bill and follow up on patient balances and keep your cash flow moving. We respect the importance of your relationship with your patients and do not use strong arm or abrasive techniques. We simply believe in consistent and transparent communication. We can work with you and your staff to develop the right verbiage and process for your practice.

Customized Support from Experts in the Field

Our Staff is the best at what they do. Every member of our team as a background in dentistry. The experience of our staff is what sets DSS apart and allows us to work seamlessly with the practices we support. Our staff are experts and will support your needs in a way that is consistent with best practices in the dental field no matter what the task. Further, we work with all dental softwares. It’s what we do!

What can Dental Support Specialties do for your practice? Contact us to learn more today.

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